NServiceBus 4.0 Auto Install of RavenDB

RavenDB is the default persistence store in NServiceBus.  According to the official NServiceBus documentation, RavenDB can be auto-installed by NServiceBus via the command line argument of /installInfrastructure.

Attempting to run the /installInfrastructure command argument no longer works for NServiceBus version 4 or greater.  After some searching, I found documentation on the Particular.net site describing that /installInfrastructure was deprecated in 4.0 on NServcieBus.Host.  It then goes on to state that installing RavenDB can be accomplished via the PowerShell commandlets.

Luckily the PowerShell commandlets are extremely simple to use.  The simplest way to run them is right from Visual Studio’s Package Manager Console (which comes with the NuGet Package Manager extension).  Once NuGet is installed and you’ve consumed the NServiceBus package in to your project, open the Package Manager Console by navigating to Tools -> Library Package Manager -> Package Manager Console.  You’ll be greeted with the Package Manager Console command line where you’re free to type in the NServiceBus PowerShell commandlets.  Want to check and see if you have RavenDB already installed?


If it’s not installed, installation is as easy as executing the following commandlet:


To verify the RavenDB installation, open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080 which will bring up the RavenDB studio manager.

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